Constitutional Challenge on Due Process

If you meet the Challenge, your name will be posted on Constitutional Challenge Wall of Honor on the Judges, Courts and the Law web site, sponsored by Constitutional Rights Foundation and the Judiciary of California.

To take the challenge, follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit the Courts in the Classroom Animated web site. Carefully review two presentations:

a. “What is Due Process?” From the home page, click on “The Big, Ideas,” “Due Process,” and finally “What Is Due Process.”

b. “TLO.” From the home page, click on “Landmark Cases,” “Fourth Amendment,” and finally “TLO.”

As you review the two sections, take notes about important facts and ideas.

Step 2. Download and take the quiz including the short essay question. As you work on the quiz, feel free to review the presentations as needed. This is an “open book” exercise.

Step 3. Turn in your answers to the Constitutional Challenge to your teacher when requested and await further instructions.

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