The Judicial Branch of California is pleased to collaborate with Constitutional Rights Foundation on the Courts in the Classroom project. All Americans need to understand the essential concepts that are fundamental to our constitutional democracy, such as law, justice, and equality. Equally important is the need to understand our governmental institutions, especially the role of each branch in preserving our system of democracy. The Project is conceived as an on-line resource for learning about the foundations of the law; and it is dedicated to the idea of justice; respect for fundamental dignity and rights of others; and appreciation for the peaceful, legal resolution of conflicts.

—Hon. Ronald M. George, Chief Justice of California Supreme Court


The Judicial Branch has long recognized the importance of civics education and has initiated a number of outreach programs such as the Courts in the Classroom animated Web site featured on this site. It is designed to ensure that the next generation fully understands the role of the judicial branch in our system of democracy.

William C. Vickrey, Administrative Director, Administrative Office of the Courts
  Constitutional Rights Foundation has always advocated for collaborative approaches to teaching civics. The project will extend the reach of these programs, as well as provide new tools and content for teaching about the third branch. CRF’s emphasis on creative approaches to teaching civics is clearly shared by the Judicial Branch as can be seen in the Courts in the Classroom animated web site, and makes this collaboration both exciting and potentially groundbreaking.

—Jonathan Estrin, President, Constitutional Rights Foundation

Courts in the Classroom is a collaboration of the
Judicial Branch of California and Constitutional Rights Foundation.

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